• InterCall's most advanced system, which has all the prime features of the 600 range, with the added functionality of Audio Speech and Infra-Red technology. All 700 call units have an integral infra-red receiver, which together with a pendant trigger can generate a remote activation, useful when movement is restricted, or if an accident occurs. Not only can the display accurately give the location, but can also indicate the calling resident. Two way speech can be generated in two scenarios i) Display to Speech Call point, where the carer can converse with the resident prior to attending, or ii) Display to Display where staff can page/talk to each other. With the introduction of the new networked I/P based power supply, the control of the NurseCall system is at your fingertips. All parameters including Call logging can be accessed from any PC on the LAN, which gives full control back to the home. There are numerous communication modes to receive system calls. Firstly, using the Alphanumeric displays, normally positioned with corridors, Nurse Stations, Lounges etc..

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